Allegiance Contracting, Inc
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Suite 203
Melbourne, Florida  32935
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Our Ministry to Churches
When I  chose the name of my company, it was based on what the word ALLEGIANCE means to me.

al-le-giance (noun)- The loyalty or devotion to a person, group or cause.

My Allegiance is to my Lord and through Him, and with Him, I am building Churches.

My Allegiance is to my clients that I build for -The Churches that have committed to expanding the Kingdom and serving the Lord.

My Allegiance is to my subcontractors and design team, who through teamwork and dedication our success is manifested.

Allegiance Contracting, Inc. is a STAR Metal Building Authorized Builder and is providing STAR Metal Buildings statewide.
As an authorized builder for STAR, I have made a commitment to serving Churches statewide.  Any Church, any denomination,
that is in need of a permanent place of worship or an addition, and contracts with us for the complete project, will be provided
with a STAR metal building at cost, creating a substantial savings.  In addition, because we can perform all site development
as well as interior build-out, more savings are realized through coordination and cost control.  We can also provide architectural
and engineering services statewide as a design-build project or can work with the Architect and Engineer of your choice.

Please contact us for additional information or if you are interested in discussing your building needs with us.

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